Don’t have time for an IV but really need a pick me up or a kick-start to your diet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Glutathione (anti-oxidant, liver detox, muscle repair)– $50

Pick from any 2 shots below for $50

Vitamin B12 (provides energy, helps to improves mood, and aids in digestion) – $35

Lipo-C (promotes the addition of lean muscle tissue and aids in fat reduction)- $35

Magnesium (provides energy, heart health, and relief from muscle pain)- $35

Taurine (a powerful antioxidant, mind stabilizer works by slowing the release of adrenaline)- $35

B-Complex (helps stabilize your mood and aids in immune support)- $35

Tri-amino (helps promote weight loss and provides an energy booster)- $35